CAMP: Light & Fast Alpinism, 2 Day Clinic with Scott Bennett

What does the summit of the North Buttress of Mt. Hunter in Alaska and K6 in Pakistan have in common? Scott Bennett has proudly stood on top of both! We are so stoked to announce that CAMP athlete Scott Bennett is coming to the Cody Ice Fest to speak and teach. If you are serious about making the jump to bigger and faster climbing then signup for this unique intensive class. Light and Fast Alpinism a two day clinic sponsored by our friends at CAMP

Whether you are an experienced alpinist or beginning mountaineer, the benefits of the light & fast approach are indisputable. Being lighter means using less energy. It also can be just downright more comfortable when you are in motion. Being fast can directly equate to safety. It means you are navigating hazardous terrain more quickly and tagging the summit in time to descend safely. It is also the way you can progress towards bigger objectives over time. This clinic covers the most important aspects of the light & fast approach with a classroom session followed by an intensive field session where you will work on the implementation of the skills, strategies and tactics that are most useful for you. Scott Bennett teaching this clinic, has made light & fast a part of his very being. As we strongly believe that a commitment to the light & fast mentality is a commitment to even better climbing, we strongly believe that folks who take this clinic will get a lot out of it!


The Skills

  • Moving quickly
  • This can be the difference between success and failure
  • This can also be the difference between safety and danger
  • Managing Ropes & Gear
  • Don’t let this be the thing that holds you up
  • Incorporate this into your training and routine climbing
  • Staying safe
  • Move quickly
  • No second guessing

The Fitness

  • OTC (off the couch) strength
  • What is your OTC goal?
  • Strength goal
  • Speed goal
  • Knowing how to gauge this
  • A lifelong pursuit
  • There is no such thing as a free lunch
  • Consistency is key
  • Daily life v training
  • Make the time, we all feel better when we are fit
  • Remember: Power = Endurance

The Gear

  • Light is right
  • Gear has made monumental strides, use it to your advantage
  • For starters, look for places you can make substantial cuts
  • The right gear for the job
  • Modern gear is specific, use the right gear for the job
  • Gear is an investment worth making if the objective is important to you
  • The whole kit has to work together
  • Carry gear that is complimentary
  • Carry gear that can be used for multiple functions

Preparation & Planning

  • Route Logistics
  • Route finding
  • How and when to bail
  • The point of no return
  • Calories & Hydration
  • The benefits of hypersaturation
  • Sports Energy foods are not a gimmick
  • The mental aspect
  • Be humble, be present, be aware
  • Keep a long term perspective


Assessing & navigating terrain

  • The approach, the climb, the descent
  • Obstacles and hazards

Moving in alpine terrain

  • Terrain anchors and self-belays
  • Using crampons and ice axes
  • Roped vs unroped terrain
  • Footwork

What we will cover: 

Systems with ropes and gear

  • Rope systems and management
  • Belay techniques for mountaineering and alpinism
  • Makeshift anchors

Alpine fitness

  • 1 hour alpine fitness challenge?

Gear choices

  • Bring your pack so we can break it down and figure out where things can be lightened up